Fri December 15

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posted by: monica.

Thanksgiving Break for Office Cat

What did office cat do for Thanksgiving break?

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2015 11:09am
posted by: zack.

Pseudo classes FTW

Case studies on :empty & :only-child

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2015 09:52am
posted by: brian.

Why it is *always* better to use integer select lists in Drupal

When I say "always" I really mean more often than not, because nothing is black and white and there's always an edge case that puts you in a grey area. However for the sake of this discussion, we "always" user integer select lists. Here's why we do it this way:

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2015 01:47pm
posted by: zack.

Don't float the mainstream

For some, floats are the go-to practice for layout in CSS. Here's why that can lead to problems and what you can do to fix them.

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2015 09:11am
posted by: tim.

Using Drupal Hooks: Tapping into Drupal's Core Functionality

Learn how to add custom functionality to your Drupal website by creating hooks that extend into the core functionality.

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2015 11:16am
posted by: stelios.

A Quick Guide to Mobile App Types

All apps are not created equal. Learn about three of the most popular mobile app formats today and how to choose which is right for your project.

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2015 08:02pm
posted by: brian.

Utilizing cross-web-property headers and footers

When a company owns a multitude of web properties, there is always the hurdle of keeping the design across those web properties consistent. One of the methods we've incorporated for this is creating an API on the master site which owns the more global design elements. Then utilizing that API on the other web properties to "pull in" the pieces they need.

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2015 03:54pm
posted by: laura.

Client-Side Javascript Error Logging – The Forgotten Child of Website Development

Most web developers have a strategy for monitoring and addressing server-side errors. But at the other end of the software interface, in the browser, failure can and often does go undetected. As the front-end of web sites has become more complex and relies more heavily on javascript, this can have significant negative consequences.

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2015 10:05am
posted by: maxd.

User Experience Makes a Lovely Carrot, But Google Provides the Stick

Google's latest announcement about search ranking algorithms scheduled for implementation a little more than a month hence will really put pressure on website owners to get mobile-friendly.

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2015 01:20pm
posted by: jamie.

Which Comes First?

Web design has it's own version of the chicken/egg conundrum. Which comes first, the content or the design?

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2015 11:22am

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